Excel Building Inspection and Consulting

Rural Property Inspections

In addition to inspecting the house on acreage properties to CAHPI standards, private sewer and water inspections can be included as part of our rural or acreage inspections. This can save our clients time and money as it is economical to have the septic system inspected at the same time as the house is being inspected.

Private Sewer Systems

Septic inspections are beyond the scope of a standard home inspection as training and knowledge of private sewage systems are not required of a certified home inspector. We are experienced with all types of septic systems and provide written reports (separate from the house inspection report) on our findings, supported by literature with illustrations on how the equipment in place works, and how to maintain it.

It is not uncommon for some home inspectors to offer what they refer to as stress or dye testing as part of their service when inspecting homes that are connected to private sewage systems. This test involves nothing more than flushing a fluorescent coloring down a toilet or other drain with a large volume of water. It will not find septic failures or questionable site conditions that are not already obvious to experienced inspectors.

NOTE: Septic systems are not designed to handle the large volume of water commonly used to perform these so-called stress and dye tests, and may in fact be harmful to a system that was in good woking condition prior to the test. Therefore, one can only assume that persons conducting such tests may not fully understand how private sewage systems work. Although dye can be placed into the effluent compartment of the septic tank to determine whether or not effluent from the septic system is draining into a body of water nearby; confirmation of this can take several days.